Microline Instrument - Durable
Universal Power Supply converts AC power from a hospital-grade wall outlet into low voltage DC power required by all MiFusion instruments. The UPS is compatible with voltages worldwide. In addition, the UPS is a compact, 3-lb unit that can be suspended from an I.V. pole or placed on any flat surface, making the UPS portable and easy to store.

Dual Control Footswitch provides variable and high power for MiFusion forceps instruments. Used with the UPS, the Footswitch is ergonomically designed and emits an audible low tone for variable power and a high pitch tone when high power is delivered

110-005D - ENTCeps
ENTceps® is a disposable bayonet forceps for soft tissue fusing and dividing.

Microline Laporoscopy Instrument
  • Monopolar coutery pin with flushport allows high-flow inner lumen flushing for fast, safe and effective cleaning.
  • Removable coutery cap doubles as a flushport luer cover.
  • Comfortable single-handed 360 rotation knob.
  • Hight dielectric strength PEEK shaft material.
  • Optional, easy ratchet for right or left handed operation.
  • Removable, reusable ring inserts for custom fit and comfort.
  • Patented coaxial threading features two sets of interlocking threads for superior tip security.
  • Available in 25, 34, 42 cm shaft length.
  • Designed to fit any Microline scissor, grasper and dissector tip.
  • Single-use scissor tips provide surgeons with the sharpest blades for every procedure.
  • Made in the USA