Angisponge - Disposable
Angisponge Standard
Designed for general surgery / surgery for Thorac - Abdominal cases, pelvic areas and others. It is very effective to stop bleeding in the areas of Lungs, Liver, Abdominal and other areas even for areas that are difficult to reach when performing suturing / suturing. This standard size has dimensions of 80 x 50 x 10 mm, and can be cut in accordance with the wishes of the surgeon.

Angisponge Anal
This size is designed specifically for action / use in the ANAL section, with a cylindrical shape where there is a small hole in the middle. This ANAL sponge with size 80 x 30 Ø is perfect for cases of anorectal surgery, can be easily used and immediately reduce bleeding.

Angisponge Dental
The perfect design for the removal of teeth that often experience bleeding, size 10 x 10 mm is very appropriate to use and effective when the dentist takes action.