Nouvag - Durable
Vacuson 18
The PORTABLE SUCTION UNIT unit, which can be used for mobile suction with a capacity of 18 l / min is very suitable for use by maternity homes, polyclinics, EDD, mobile Ambulance, with SWISS-made quality to maintain the quality of the product.

Vacuson 40/60
Suction units with 2 variations in capacity and performance of VACUSON 40 has a capacity of up to 40 l / min and VACUSON 60 has a capacity of up to 60 L / min, so it is suitable for use and meets the needs of goperais throughout the hospital with competitive prices and the quality of Swiss products that can relied on.
Vacuson 40/60 can be relied on because:

  • Very economical because it has a very good price/performance ratio
  • Proper suction performance and can be adjusted continuously
  • Technology that is solid, reliable, and can be used in various actions
  • Low noise and vibration levels
  • Automatic overflow security
  • Low maintenance/maintenance costs
And additional to VACUSON 60

  • Can be used for all actions
  • Have a stronger vacuum level
  • And the flow rate is quite high

Vacuson 60LP
The infiltration pump with its well accessible tube set compartment, on the right side of the control unit, can be accessed by a practical closure mechanism. The fixation of the tube set is done by lateral clamping levers. The peristaltic pump can be easily fitted with a replacement tubing set.
The high performance of the Vacuson 60 LP vacuum pump of 60 liters per minute is achieved by a dual-piston pump, which is oper- ated without any lubricant due to PTFE-graphite piston rings. The uniform, pulse-free type of suction of this vacuum pump is an impor- tant criterion for gentle treatment in liposuction.

Unit TCM 300BL - Morrcelator unit to help remove tissue when performing myom surgery / total hysterectomy using laparoscopy / minimally invasive. This unit is very safe and comfortable to use to help doctors by speeding up the operation time.

  • Campact and the unit is very practical to use
  • Has a variable type setting, continuously setting with the pedal
  • Can choose the type of speed you want available 3 basic settings / vario programs with specific speed / RPm
  • Simple setting just before use
  • Equipped with a pedal to facilitate work
  • Includes 12, 15 and 20 mm type blades / blades

This TCM 300BL main unit for DERMATOME is a Swiss original product from Nouvag, with exceptional technology helping plastic surgeons in reconstruction.


  • Has very high performance to support action
  • Have various accessories to complete and facilitate use
  • Using very high technology
  • Cost-effective maintenance
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Display / display is very interesting
  • Very easy to clean
  • Service partners that exist throughout the world
  • Original Swiss product, guaranteed quality

As part of the new generation of Nouvag’s Surgical Motor Systems the HighSurg 11 was developed especially for ENT Surgery. One for all was the idea behind the development of this drill system, particularly regarding the use in ENT-Surgery. Both the material and the console should be capable of mastering a range of challenges at any given time, whether there be a mastoidectomy with the usual otology handpieces, or the use of a micro-debrider / Shaver in Sinus Surgery.