Herniamesh - Disposable
Flat rectangular and square meshes
Flat meshes allow the surgeon to customise the prosthesis, cutting and shaping it to suit the size of the hernia and the area to be reinforced, so providing maximum versatility and flexibility. The various types of mesh available are the result of combination of different wefts, thicknesses and grammage; they are all macroporous, and can be used to treat both inguinal and abdominal hernias (umbilical, epigastric, lumbar and ventral hernias), allowing a wide choice of mesh and surgical technique.
Hertra 0: rigid mesh
HTR03030rigit mesh30x30 cm1 pcs/box
HTR01515rigit mesh15x15 cm2 pcs/box
HTR0610rigit mesh6x10 cm15 pcs/box
HTR0510rigit mesh5x10 cm18 pcs/box
HTR0575rigit mesh5x7.5 cm24 pcs/box

Hermesh 4: standard mesh with bidirectional elasticity
H43030semi rigit30x30 cm1 pcs/box
H41515semi rigit15x15 cm2 pcs/box
H40610semi rigit6x10 cm15 pcs/box
H40510semi rigit5x10 cm18 pcs/box
H40575semi rigit5x7.5 cm24 pcs/box